Why To use Inferious Cheats

Our scripts have many reasons to be used then others, as shown below.


Trusted Scripters

Inferious Cheats is a well known script publisher as most of our scripts are seen and get put on script websites such as robloxscripts.com and scripty.cc.


Copy & Paste Easiness

Don't wanna download a file to use our scripts? No problem! We include a loadstring in every page to make your life easier.


Universal Script Loader

Don't wanna download each file to use our scripts? No problem! We have a script loader that will automatically detect your game and load in a script of ours if found.


Growing Fast

Inferious Cheats is becoming used more and more daily our numbers never stop rising ensuring you satisfaction!


Accepting Script Request

We are always open for script request! Join our discord and feel free to recommend some games!


Keeping You Connected

We always keep you updated and linked with any changes or updates we make.

So What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? Click the button below to see our top quality scripts and dumps!

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